Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dog Dreams

Orion sleeps head against my legs. It's 8 PM. He has eaten a cup of food, a half a cup of food in various treat-dispensing-dog-occupying toys, a bone, and many failed attempts at my slippers. He has played in the tennis courts for forty-five minutes, been chased by a twenty-eight-year-old woman. He's trotted along the sidewalk, leash in mouth as if it was his day, and his day only to celebrate the spring like weather. It never ceases to amazing me as to how long it takes him to actually settle. Right now his breathing hints of a deep-sleep snore. His paws are outstretched as if reaching for the furthest corner of the bed is his true goal in this slumber. His floppy ear droops over my foot keeping it warm as is it many hours bare from my half chewed slippers. This calm dog brings calm to my own self after a weekend that rattled my brain and spit me back out into the week. I often wonder what my mood would be like without Orion's presence crazy or not.
As I write this I pause, a quiet smile on my face, as his even snoring remains, but his tail starts flopping wildly, like a fish out of water. What is my boy dreaming of, I wonder, tail flopping against the tired Teradactle dinosaur toy he proudly carts around. Dreams of a tall boxer pal, looping around a swimming pool? The freedom of a sprint across a big field towards a bird? A big birthday bone half his size?
This and the night before I dreamt I took up smoking. Five cigarettes down before I decided to quit.
Sometimes it's just good to be around this dog to remember life need not be so damn intense. Smile, trot down the sidewalk and be happy to be alive on such a lovely spring-like day.