Thursday, June 28, 2012

The new greatest thing

Oliver got a fence around his back yard. This is the new latest great thing for a number of reasons: 1. We can drive there in 30-40 minutes. 2. The dogs run like maniacs and have a pool to play in (rather than a dried up mud hole) 3. If it's morning, there's a Dunkins a block away, if it's night, the Booths feed me dinner (and it's like REAL people food) 4. Orion and Oliver are happy and sleep. 5. Humans can chat, and relax. 6. Orion eats all of Oliver's food and chewies therein adds back all the weight he's burning off.


"Well we could read tonight," I say to Orion. "Do you have any books you're interested in reading?" I look around at my empty shelves as I have started the packing for moving east again.

"I would suggest Marley and Me. It's about a lab," I pause. "I think you'd really find you connect to the book and have a lot in common with the protagonist."

Friday, June 15, 2012


"I think, based on your level of activity and your dog, we should keep the cast on for another 10 to 14 days, then maybe we can go down to a half cast."

Well, I guess my purple arm and I are back to bonding again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Portrait

I may get my cast off tomorrow. May being the operative word. I can move my fingers. I can do some things, many others, I do then regret the attempt. I carried a 50 pound bag of dog food--only looked ridiculous trying to figure out how to open the doorway. I repaired a computer... turned screws with my chin. I can't pull open doors. I can't turn door knobs. I can't pick things off my right shoulder or do my dishes.

I have enjoyed the cast because it's purple. It's safe, so when your colleague drops an iMac on your arm plaster takes the hit and not your sorely bruised bone. It's fun to match your clothes to and makes more sense to others when you ask them for help that you're not just being lazy... but, I kind of like my right arm. I'd like to see it. "How are you doing right arm?" I'd ask, then squeeze it when it aches. I'd like to not have a ridiculous tan and, I'd like to see if I can bend my wrist. So, while it has been fun, I'm not going to lie--I'm looking forward to it being removed.

With that said, once must take a picture for the memorable scrapbook. So, Family Portrait: Summer 2012.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

drip drip

woke to a flood in bed.
no, not what you're thinking.
as i tried to move away from the puddle i got knocked with a water bottle to the head.
boy punctured the giant bottle i had stashed on the side.
sheets are soaked.
mattress is likely fine due to the 3 bags around it post-bed-bug season last year.
good morning
now, where's the coffee?

Monday, June 4, 2012

one point five, two, she's down

Scene: My yard starts off flat then has a little slope to the sidewalk. A fence lines the border between my old apartment building and my new one.

Setting: 9:40 P.M. Summer evening. Just got back from a bbq. Cute skirt and flip flops, walk Orion out to go pee.

that is a huge dog, i think as i step out of the apartment and see a husky/shepard walking by. i slow, holding closely to the long leash i have orion on. i couldn't find his normal leash or his prong collar so i am aware i am at a disadvantage for control but we are just going for a pee break. the dog walks by, i begin to relax. I'm talking to my friend pam on the phone. Orion pees. out of the corner of my eye i see the big dog stop and i hear, "is your dog on a leash because my dog is aggressive." The man is talking to my old neighbor. no sooner is this connection made am i spun around, phone goes flying, my feet are lifted out below me and I'm down, being pulled down the incline, skirt over head. I reach out to grab something, I have to stop, I have to grab something or I won't stop, and my fingers find the fence.

"Are you ok?" guy with aggressive dog asks somehow across the street.

"No. I think i broke my arm."

"Well I'd like to help but if I come over my dog will attack," he replies.

"No, just go."

I get myself up, arm tucked to my ribs and pull Orion inside. I get him in the apartment, not even attempting to get him in his crate.

Returning outside, I search for my phone. "Pam? Pam sorry he flipped me. I think my arm's broken. It really hurts. I've gotta go find help."

I hang up and walk up to my old apartment building. "Ronnie, will you open the door, I think my arm is broken." The kid with Shaggy, the old-off-leash dog, hops up the stairs and opens the door. I knock on Zachary, my ten-year-old friend's door. I'm moving all over the hallway hoping to distract myself from the ongoing pain. Zachary opens the door.

"Zachary, is your mom home? I think i broke my arm and I need help. It hurts Zachary." I'm pacing now in the little carpet patch of the little apartment. Zachary's mom fashions a sling out of a curtain and gives me ice cubes. Zachary calls my roommate Jamie, "Um, hello Jamie? This is Zachary. Molly broke her arm and.." "Ask her if she can take me to the h hospital ..." I'm saying behind him. "And, um, she wants to know if you'll take her to the hospital." He hangs up, "ok. She said she'd do it."

We pile out the apartment. I ask Zachary to put Orion in his crate for me and to get my purse. I am thankful for the many hours he has spent with Orion and i that he knows our routine. Delmy stands with me out front as we stare down the street for Jamie's car to arrive.

In the car, I refuse to be buckled. "Just don't touch me right now," I say as each bump in the road makes me suck in breath. I am never more aware of the way breathing lifts my ribcage and how much I wish i had more padding to my ribs. Jamie is on her A-game, looking up directions to the hospital and making the executive decision where to go and the highway over back roads. We get to the ER and we wait. I stand because the thought of sitting is not to be considered. We get asked questions, "was this the result of an accident?" There is grass still on my tank top. We file back to a room. I walk as even as I can and fill Jamie in on my medical history.

"Do you want me to call your mother?" "No she has company over and is watching a movie. It won't make a difference if i tell her now or tomorrow."

I stand by the bed.

A lady comes by and leads me to x-ray. She asks me to rotate my arm to get different angles. This is horrible. Tears are streaming down my face as my jaw is clenched. "How would you rate your pain on a 10 scale?" she asks. "10. At least 10 for what i have experienced so far in my life."

Back in the room I tell Jamie I don't care if I hate needles I will take a huge one if it has pain meds. Eventually they come with pain meds and I watch my sheets start to move.

"You know how I always say I'm not likely to stay friends with you when I move? This is it. I'll be your friend forever cause you're here with me."

She laughs and we decide she should try and do some work while we wait for the dr as she has a big presentation in the morning. I watch the posters move. I think about how i told the nurse i get drunk easy and caffeine sincerely affects me as a disclaimer before the meds. Then the nurses show up. They rotate my arm to splint it and I don't care about moving sheets and posters it still hurts...then the doctor and, "It's a clean break, so you probably won't need surgery.." then McDonalds, 24 hour pharmacy and home.

1, 2, 3 she's down. Again.