Saturday, December 21, 2013

Princess and the Pea

Mum: "What are all the sharp pokie things I was sleeping on last night in your bed?" 
Me: "oh those were probably chewed up pieces of a peanut butter jar..."

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sick days

I wake up to the slight whine as Orion nudges his nose under the blanket tent I have created on the couch. It's daily light now and I'm thankful that I managed to get some excuse of sleep as the evening was far from peaceful.
I had a friend recently say one of the three things she missed about not being partnered with someone was on sick days. As I was trying to go to sleep last night every fifteen minutes or so I would wake up coughing so hard I wasn't sure I was taking in enough air to sustain me. That, and after a few more rounds of hacking, my muscles hurt so bad that I'm holding my rib cage, eyes are streaming, nose is streaming and I'm just flat out miserable. I reached over to Orion, just as the one around who could acknowledge, "Hey buddy, I'm having trouble here, go find the sheriff if I stop breathing." I'm not sure he's up to Lassie standards but it made me feel better all the same to rest my head on his hip.
Soon enough, I decided to move to the living room, thinking perhaps the room without heat turned on maybe would have more moisture and not irritate me so--so we gave up the electric blanket and piled on the couch, dog and I. (There was a moment I even thought to call my mom in hopes she would know what to do). But we piled on, and Orion, adorably crawled up to snuggle where I could hug him and didn't run off while I coughed against his sleeping self. All and all, I was happy to have my little puppy with me last night.