Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wet feet

Orion and I are walking in from an hour walk in the rain. I'm thrilled to be home and able to quit walking, though impressed that I made the whole thing, especially after a day of work and without my cellphone to fish us out of a potentially bad situation. Orion, as usual, sprints up the stairs, then continues sprinting down the hallway, butt tucked, in his crazy dog run. I'm chuckling as I slowly walk up the stairs, and then I hear his paws heading back down towards me in a rapid sprint. I can hear him put on the brakes, but his wet little feet couldn't stop in time and he came flying right down towards me, three steps cleared in the air. I happily scooped him up and he turned around and flew back down the hallway.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Morning wake up walk

I'm out on the porch talking to Steve, who wanders out of his apartment with a cup of coffee in hand. He's hardly awake. He's mumbling and dropping to low tones so that I'm straining to hear what he's saying and he tells me it takes him awhile to wake up in the morning. Orion's loving this extra visitor, as I obliged him to be out in the fresh air but since my legs haven't kicked in 100% stable, I wasn't exactly "playing" with him. So there's Steve, wrestling around with the yellow dog and he says, "Hey, I'm going to go in and get another cup of coffee to try and wake up, then I'll take him for a walk." "Great!" I say, knowing Orion can use some adventures on what is likely to be a low key day.
A few moments later Steve shows up at my door, we hook Orion up, and he says, "We'll be going right by the cats, Ryan." (Orion gets different nicknames from Steve; O'Rielly, Rielly, Ryan) I don't mind.
So then, the 6'5" Steve opens the door and the next thing you see is him rapidly disappearing as Orion lunges forward. I just start laughing. Oh, the ways to wake up...