Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Evening snack party

It's late by my standards but I just returned from a meeting and I'm all energized because it was a fun one. Orion meets me at the door, his collar jiggling as he exits the dark room where Marisa is already asleep.
"Hi buddy," I say, propping the door open for a last night bathroom break. He wanders onto the deck, waiting to be hooked to his lead then does his business while I wait for him then off we go into the kitchen.
"What do we have that I can eat for dinner?" I ask him, as I peer into the brightly lit fridge. I pull out a three day old bowl of pasta and pop it in the microwave. We are moving at the end of the week so the grocery supply is quite pathetic.
"Up, up," I say, gesturing to the couch for Orion to join me in the quiet house. He hops up, butt on the edge, a pile of drool slipping from his lips beside me as he stares in rapt attention at my bowl of pasta quickly disappearing.
Then, after clearing my bowl and the one piece I left him, off he trots, returning with the lid of his food kong... like, "Hey Ma, I want an evening snack too!"
"Okay," I say, and we settle in to another evening snack, him with the kibble, me with the yogurt. Evening snack parties are so much better with the company of your best friend dog.