Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Recently I moved across country. Then I moved again three months later to avoid driving 1.5 hours to my two jobs twice a day. As I left the countries leading bed but capital of the world, I had no trouble throwing out my mattresses and starting fresh here, and by fresh I mean with y air mattress till it was time to invest in a bed. Trouble is, the air mattress was a twin. Trouble is, Labrador grew. Trouble is, I may have popped it by mistake when all pound ages of me fell on it one fateful night and must have sprung a small but subtle leak that now makes for a balancing seawardly like state in the morning wi dog and I. Consequently, I had to give it up. I should have a fold out couch arriving some day but for now I have only cushions:

"See? This isn't so bad," I say to Orion assessing my creation of every cushion in the apartment.
Orion: silent.
Me: "okay, so maybe it is. I will start saving for a bed."