Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today I sat on the couch as the evening rolled to a close and watched over all my little Orion videos. I initially was going to watch ones on youtube of labrador puppies, but thought, I have plenty of my own so proceeded to watch him tackle a bell, a curtain string, a pan... videos of him chasing after a large boxer (Webster) on his first encounter of another dog, desperate to play with this new friend, then again as an older puppy after his best friend Oliver, and then of him jumping in a pool in New Hampshire. It was warming to reminisce about him as a puppy but also about the fun he and I had in Ohio with our new and old friends. We had fun. We've had some quality adventures. And it made me think of taking a road trip back there to spend time with those friends... maybe next summer... one yellow dog's head sticking out the window, one healthy girl pedal to the floor... I-90 here we come.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Today Orion discovered he could put his nose out the skylight. His little lips flapped back and forth. His nose angled up to the sky. And every time he brought his head back in he'd sneeze and throw snot all over the car.
It was a hoot.