Wednesday, February 20, 2013


With a single week night off and one weekend day, I haven't had much time to indulge in the world of blogging but these are the highlights:

1. Walking dog at 5:44 AM through the perfectly cut sidewalks after a two foot snow storm. Dog dives head into snow, as if looking for something. Dog's head pops up. Something is in his mouth.
"ORION SERIOUSLY??!!" I back track on the ice to him, dragging fourteen year old dog back as well. Pry open dog's mouth. Half a chocolate chip cookie. "Honestly Orion? How do you FIND these things??" Keep walking. Grumble, grumble.

2. Sitting in bedroom ready to fall asleep. Friend from Ohio says, "I think Orion's cleaning up the kitchen." There's a crash.  Another crash. A third crash. "Is it bad I just don't even care enough to see what he's into? It'll be there in the morning," I roll over and go to sleep.

3. "I might kill him," I say to Ohio friend as we are driving her to the airport. "I mean we've done the rescue remedy." Orion's whining in the back seat after his high pitch barking parade. "That's it. Reach in the glove box and find a benadryl." Dog eats benadryl in a piece of donut. Ten minutes later I look at him, head propped against the passenger chair, eyelids dropping. "Oh honey. Just put your head down and rest. I know you feel weird. Just sleep."

4. It's cold. I haven't turned up the heat. I'm afraid the bill will be high. I lift the blanket. The boy crawls under. I curl up beside him. We'll keep each other warm tonight.

5. It's mounds of snow from our Nemo snow storm. The boy bounds up the mountain, the mountain collapses. Where's the boy? Head pops up and he leaps like a reindeer only to disappear a second time. Well, we go another block like this and i figure we can skip the long walk as he'll be tired enough with his hurdles.