Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I love it now I can come home after school and lay on the couch with my dog and he will actually want to snuggle. I think this is part of him turning three. Every now and then I still wonder if he sick because he is so still and so at ease I don't recognize them as the Labrador I've raised up until three.
But really even more than after school, I love waking up in the morning and taking the time, the extra hour, where I hit the sleep button to just relax with him.

Fur art

Lately Orion has had Oliver come over on Tuesday to play. I have taken to making new art out of the excess dog fur.

Thunder shirt

This is Orion and his new thunder shirt. It is our last chance attempt and dealing with the barking in the car. I figured I would return it after two weeks if I saw no improvement. I figured this right up until he ate the box.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day of school

"Did you know that I missed you today? I do very much enjoy our summer time where I spend time with you and we lay on this couch and snuggle and go for walks and snuggle and just basically snuggle."
Orion continues to listen astutely while resting his head on my leg at the foot of the couch.
"You do know you're my best friend dog? I mean pretty much you are my best friend period.  You hang out with me you spend all day listening to me... We go on hikes together, hang out with me all the time, you move with me, you're very easy to get along with and you don't drive me crazy,  you don't mind so much when I am moody and just want to be quiet. I tell you all my life experiences and I asked for your advice a lot of times when I'm stressed out about things... You make me smile a lot and laugh and generally you have a very uplifting personality. You're an excellent conversationalist and you let me pet you constantly when I'm feeling stressed or just when I feel like petting you constantly.  You also are great subject to paint and probably because I love you so much I do good job at it. And I love coming home and seeing your smiling face and tell you all these great things about you because really you're the best thing I ever did for myself."
He throws a paw up on my leg and closes his eyes.