Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And for now

The two spots are completed. I would like a third, then maybe some big zoom in's. Piece them together into the story... or something of that nature...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chew till they're two..

Top 10 Things I've Pulled Out of Orion's Mouth:

10. My Flip Flops

9. Chicken Bones

8. My Kneaded Eraser

7. A Still Living Bird

6. Yarn

5. Oliver's Head

4. Chewing Gum

3. Cat Poop

2. A Giant Moth

1. A Dead Squirrel

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today Orion met a donkey and a horse.
He was all kinds of excited.
And all kinds of stunned when the donkey declared his lack of excitement.
Enough said.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Still sick, I think a great game would be to teach Orion to fetch consistently. I sit on the floor, not really moving, he chases balls and burns off energy in exchange for little hot dogs. After :20 minutes I looked at him and said, "hun, I love you but this is like geometry for you. You just don't get it and I don't know of any other ways to try to teach you this." Went in my room to look up tips and he flopped on the floor passed out. I guess the stimulus was enough to make him tired. We'll try again later.

Friday, May 4, 2012


"This is a mouth-oriented dog; she's going to pick up your kids toys and clothes. Labs will jump on you and treat you like another puppy." Foote from Labrador Retrievers v.1 2nd edition

So I'm lying in bed this morning after taking Orion to the dog park. I had a 101 temp last night and have steadily been rocking the low grade 99 this morning but all that does not matter to a yellow dog who believes it is time to get up and see the world. So we went out. I bundled up in layers so I could do the shed on, layer back with the hot cold chills, and kept my distance from my friends who bring their two dogs along to the park as well.

Orion ran right in, found the inch of water in a hollow puddle of mud, laid down and proceeded to change his beautifully white-recently-bathed-fur, into that more of his companion, Oliver, the chocolate labrador. I sigh, but know the boy is happy, so I just hold my breath as the low tide scank smell drifts by as he sprints after his pal.

After an hour of play, we stop by PetSmart and pick up some chew toys, a labrador magazine, and some poop bags, killing time waiting for JoAnn Fabrics to have the sewing tech get there, and back to the car, with bribes, we go.

At home, I'm back in bed, threw down some Advil, and am reading through this magazine feeling like this is the answer to all my questions about Orion.

Recently I've been trying to practice running with him in the tennis courts. Instigating his desire to chase and pull me down--mostly because I do not want a dog to be a threat if people break out into a run and he's off lead, or just in general, it doesn't look that good when your dog plows down a kid and chews on the kids ears. Then I read the above statement, and everything seems clear to me now.

Those kids are just one more Oliver.

Let me knock you down, wrestle, mouth your neck, nibble your ears. I'm not meaning to hurt you but isn't this fun, you just ran so I could catch you and I did!

"Labs can have a very long puppyhood. Many owners get a Lab because they have met a well behaved Lab in the park or at a soccer game. So they get a Lab puppy, and by 15 months they are ready to get rid of the unruly dog. What they do not realize is that the worst is really behind them and the best is yet to come. Their Lab is just getting through the teenage period and is about to blossom into the adult dog they wanted." Laura Dedering Labrador Retrievers v.1 2nd edition

So how about that Laura. We, Orion and I, are on month 15 this month. I told Orion today that while he is a handful some days, I kind of like his antics because they're just plain funny. Oh, having to jump out of bed at 2 AM because I realize he found my flip flops, while freezing cold with fever, wasn't my favorite form of his antics, but a bouncing yellow dog who leap frogs over his chocolate buddy, now that? Cracks me up. Or, even him standing on the table, legs wobbling, just, you know, checking things out Ma....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"Here it comes!" I'm tilting the berry smoothie container that's empty so that the last dribble is sliding down the side.
"DON'T STOP LICKING NOW!" The threat of dumping it all over my bed looms near. 
Orion starts licking and pink berry juice is flying all over his just-bathed-brighter-than-white fur.
I start laughing.
I start laughing so hard I start coughing.
I'm too sore and tired though to move (post karate class) so I'm coughing, Orion's trying to eat my face and berry juice is everywhere.
Total win.