Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I move into the living room and flop down on the couch. My sheet is still there from sleeping on it the night before--taking advantage of the prime AC room. Orion lumbers over and climbs up on his end, plunking down right between my legs. I am mindlessly patting his back while chatting on the phone. As I hang up, he moves beside me and demands some scratches and kisses. I oblige.

"You have halitosis Orion," I say, as his breath has begin to stink as of late. "I'm going to have to start brushing your teeth with more regularity." I scratch his butt. "And you smell like a pond. I really need to get you a shower as well."

He ignores me, and after much scratching and attention wanders off to his "tent"--a pop up crate I have set up in the corner. After finishing my book, I flop down at the entrance to his tent.

"You know you're roof is leaking," I say, noting the ceiling of the tent where the zipper is pulled back and the pillow on top of the crate is falling through. "Want me to repair your roof for you?" He just moves further back in the tent. "Alright." I do it anyways.

It's a rainy day. I feel pretty lousy myself but move to my studio desk to try and fake productivity. He moves to his bed under my desk. It's a pretty good thing to have a dog I think.