Sunday, December 23, 2012

And the stick chases him down

Having picked up two jobs, I have been up at five thirty out the door by six and back at 11 pm. Consequently, the boy, unless walked by a parent hasn't been getting the attention he deserved. So as Saturday rolled around, the first in which I only worked one job, I peacefully woke up and looped his leash around his neck for a walk in the woods.

He lept, he ran, he tried to take out Mom and I with great enthusiasm. He jumped and swam in the half frozen pond. Sprinted across the bridge and then, and then he found a fallen tree limb. He tackled the limb with great abandon, "Don't worry guys, I have this one under control," it seemed he was saying as his butt flipped over it, then back, head tossing wildly is to side.

And then he freaked. Butt tucked he sprinted away. Only trouble was in all his glorious August of the stick his 16" leash was now wrapped eight ways sideways around said branch. As he sprinted the branch chased him. His eyes wide, he'd freeze, leap, trying to escape the pursuit and take off again at a dead run. Myself, being carted along with him couldn't help to laugh, disabling me so that I couldn't help his poor self. Eventually after tripping in giggles down the path we managed to get close enough for him to stop and let us free him from his assailant. Once free he took off again, free as a lark, head turned back to verify indeed he was rolling solo.