Monday, February 10, 2014

Yum yum potential salmonella...

"Well here's something," I say pulling down a bag of cookie mix. I stood to open the lower cabinet, pulling out a pan, "This is the best thing about being human," I say, "Cookies." As I quickly shove the falling pile of tupperware back into the cabinet, I stand, "Well, actually, I'd say brownies, but these are pretty close."
I open the fridge, stare at the dying pepper, the bag of marshmellows, four containers of butter, some spicy sauce, mayonaise and three eggs. "Lucky for us we have all the supplies!"
Killing the last of the aluminium foil, I prep the cookie sheet. The packet open, I spoon up some nice yummy cookie fluff.
"You could almost just eat this stuff and skip the butter, egg and cooking part," I mumble, mouth full of dusty powder.
I peel the wrapper off the stick of butter, slice it in half to fit in the bowl, throw it in the microwave, all the while talking to Orion, "I know you think this stick of butter is for you but it's not." Orion, "But it could be..." I bend down and hold the butter wrapper. "Here, you can lick this because I'm eating the cookie dough," he starts licking away, "but, you're going to get kisses the whole time," I chuckle and start annoyingly throwing down kisses on his head. Butter in, I have another bite of cookie dough. "Trouble is, once we add the egg we can't really eat any more..."
Cookies on the pan, my hands are covered in the sticky dough. I eat off most of the dough then reach down my hand for Orion.
"Well buddy, if we're going down, we're going down together..."

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