Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I sit typing away on my computer. We're in the back bedroom. Orion snores z's up against the window sill. He's been sleepy all day; something I've taken advantage of with extra naps for me, and time to get work accomplished that normally would not be possible with a seventeen week-old-labrador demanding my attention. Type, type. Gee isn't he cute? Type, type. I love my dog. I look up suddenly. There is movement in my room. What? Am I seeing this clearly.
I shove Orion.
"ORION! There's a CAT in here!"
The cat freezes. Orion doesn't move. I am left the sole scrambler. I toss my computer to the side, spring out of bed, the cat catches on quickly enough and bolts back down the front hallway.
Orion? The robin chaser? The squirrel follower? The cross country champion? Yeah, he stayed passed out on the bed.
I march back after closing the front patio door.
"I need to have them fix that screen."
He pops his head up.

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