Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh, no.......

"Okay, let's go over and throw this out," I say, scooping up his poo and heading across the parking lot towards the garbage can. Orion, runs ahead, blue halter, double collars, tail wagging. As I reach for the garbage, I toss the baggie in and Orion jerks backwards. In a horrific moment, I watch as his pinch collar releases and he backs up--freed. Frantically, I call him forward, "Please, there are cars Orion!" But instead he turns, the automatic doors to the grochery slide open and he's disappeared.
"You have got to be kidding me."
I fly in through the sliding doors myself, to see Orion ducking behind a tomato bin.
The leash is trailing behind me, swinging corners as I chase Orion.
"Oh look! A puppy!"
I round into the aisle in which Orion has looped down. A lady innocently watches, frozen by first the yellow dog, and next a crazed girl with a purple leash dragging behind her.
"SORRY!" I say as I nearly run into her.
"SORRY HIS LEASHE BROKE!" I yell behind me as his choke collar catches on her shopping cart tire and I continue running. Well if he slows to eat anything, I can probably pay for it. If he slows down to snatch something, that might be my chance...
Asile two.
"Oh! A dog!"
Asile three.
Asile four.
Oh for the love will no one stop him? He pauses for just a moment as he notices two people blocking his way.
I dive.
I catch him.
"Thank you!" I say to the one man who bent down, arms open.
I hook Orion on to his halter.
Maybe they'll think he's my service animal, I hope, as I cart him out on his harness. "Sorry," I say, to the people at the checkout.
"Oh it's okay, he's a cute dog."
The electric doors open to let us exit, happy yellow dog proudly wagging his tail. Crazy haired girl, toting behind.

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