Saturday, March 31, 2012


We go down to the basement to practice running without Orion trying to eat my hands or legs. I run by, he runs. I run by, he attempts to eat my knee. I pop him on the nose. Attempt number two, barking, attempt at ankle.
"Okay. Let's try something else," I say.
I have him sit in front of the dryer.
"Sit. Down. Stay."
He stays. I run backwards, then towards him. He stays for the backwards then as I approach he leaps up and runs crazy-dog, to where I just was and back.
"Nope. That's not what I meant."
I repeat.
"Sit. Down. Stay."
I jog backwards, jog forwards. Dog takes off butt tucked. I stand watching him.
"HEY! Get back here. That's not what I said."
He circles back.
"Sit. Down. Look. Leave it." I put kibble in front of him. I jog backwards, he snags the kibble.
I jog forward, he sprints away.
This is not working as I planned.
"Okay. Enough for today."
We walk upstairs. I sit down at my computer to type. Orion wanders by.
"Sit. Down. Stay." He stares up at me. His tail like a broom on the wood floor, swish, swish. I look down at him.
"You've gotten big," I say as I notice his body while laying down is much closer to the top of the table.
He grumbles.
"Good stay." I pass him a kibble.
At least we can do something successfully.
He wanders off to find my shoe.

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