Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Portrait

I may get my cast off tomorrow. May being the operative word. I can move my fingers. I can do some things, many others, I do then regret the attempt. I carried a 50 pound bag of dog food--only looked ridiculous trying to figure out how to open the doorway. I repaired a computer... turned screws with my chin. I can't pull open doors. I can't turn door knobs. I can't pick things off my right shoulder or do my dishes.

I have enjoyed the cast because it's purple. It's safe, so when your colleague drops an iMac on your arm plaster takes the hit and not your sorely bruised bone. It's fun to match your clothes to and makes more sense to others when you ask them for help that you're not just being lazy... but, I kind of like my right arm. I'd like to see it. "How are you doing right arm?" I'd ask, then squeeze it when it aches. I'd like to not have a ridiculous tan and, I'd like to see if I can bend my wrist. So, while it has been fun, I'm not going to lie--I'm looking forward to it being removed.

With that said, once must take a picture for the memorable scrapbook. So, Family Portrait: Summer 2012.

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