Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conversations on a long day

"Orion?" I'm lying in bed. The AC is running. It's light as a Sunday afternoon. My cell phone reads 8:15 PM. Orion's lying with his head propped on the window sill making sure the going-ons of the neighborhood are well documented. I feel exhausted. My body is just pooped.
"Orion? I think I'm feeling kind of lonely." He rotates his butt to bump my hip. I reach my hand out and pat him. Long intentional pats.
"I know Jamie spent the day with me in the ER and all. That was really nice. And it's good to know I could go to her and be like, woah, something's not right and she can help facilitate taking care of myself. And I know I shouldn't feel lonely. I usually don't. And I know I'm feeling fine right now. But Orion?"
He doesn't move.
"I sort of wish there were still people around. Like family. People bustling too and fro. Or maybe, maybe just that someone could, if they were thinking of it, pop their head in and say, "Hey, how's it going Moll? Wanna come down for dinner?" Or just maybe fall asleep on the couch. Get a hug from my mum or dad. I think I'd just like people around that know I'm here too."
I keep patting.
"Did you know that it's proven that you can pat a dog and it lowers your stress level?"
I keep patting.
"Maybe I should've just gone up to Lynn's house. Or Jenkin's. "Hi, I just need to be around some people who love me today cause I had a lousy day. Thanks!""
Orion launches off the bed to bark at the door.
He returns. Non plussed. And plunks back down by the window.
"Hum. I think maybe just going to sleep would be handy. But Orion? I want you to know that I really appreciate you being here and hanging out with me, and being my dog. It helps a lot. I think, well, you're my family member that keeps an eye on me too and that is good enough for me. Try not to wake me up like 8 times though just to reinforce that point."

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