Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Death warmed over.

"Orion, I feel like death and I'm freezing. I need you to just be good because I have to sleep," I say as I pull my third sweatshirt over my head. "If you wouldn't mind too much I could really use your heat though. Like, feel free to sit on me to look out the window."
I pull the winter blanket over my shoulders, slipping jeans under my skirt while under the blanket.
"I am so cold. If I could just warm up."
Orion climbs over the mound that is me and sticks his nose to the window, butt plopping down on my hip.
"Yeah. That will work," I mumble.
"Now if someone would just knock me out please," I whisper as I slowly drift off to sleep.

My dreams are crazed and erratic, likely compliments to the 102 temperature my body is burning through and two hours later I pick my eyelids up.

I groan.

I am soaking wet. Every possible pore in my body apparently opted to heat up while asleep. I roll over, and Orion climbs in the cove created between my curled body and the wall, and puts his head on my torso.

"Thanks buddy."
Sometimes it's just nice to know he can take care of me too.

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