Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sharon Woods Swim

"Amy remind me we are getting near the ducks in a few okay? That way I'm ready for it," I say as we are nearing the end of the loop around Sharon Woods.
"Sure. I swear last time I thought you knew!"
"No, I had a momentary brain fart."
We walk a few more steps.
"Maybe I'll undo myself from my belt leash that way I'm ready and won't be taking a morning dip myself in the event I can't hold him." I unhook the strap that I have looped around my waist. Orion's leash is now loose in my hands, without my body weight to secure us.
"Mol, we're getting near the ducks."
I brace. We keep walking. The flock of ducks are just lazily lounging on the edge of the pond. Orion starts to pull, he keeps pulling. I am holding on, my feet are moving quickly towards the water with no direction from me stating to do so. We're still moving. Amy reaches out her arm to try to hold me back. Still going.
"Orion, no!"
Still going.
I release the leash.
He flies into the water.
Ducks scatter like popped popcorn.
Splashing noises.
My dog is swimming right along with them.
The ladies behind us laugh.
"Hope you packed a towel!"
"Yes, he is a labrador, I am properly prepared..." I say, in humorous defeat.
"Orion! Come back here! TREAT!" I call after him.
He turns, hop swims through the green slim, climbs out with a big old smile on his face, pond scum still clinging to his nose. He shakes spraying water all around.
The ladies make a wide circle around us.
And we keep walking.
"Well, he is a retriever," I say.
Amy laughs, "Yup. Yup, he is."
Happy dog.

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