Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I walk in my room and immediately think, oh no, Orion poo'd. Not my idea of fun after a nice evening out. (btw I'm writing this without my glasses on).  I turn on the light. I look in the crate. No poo. I look on the side of the crate. No poo. I look under the bear in the crate. No poo. I look under the towel in the crate. No poo. I grab a bottle of fabreeze while calling to my roommate. "Hey will you come tell me if you think my room smells like poo?" Nicely she does, She sees no poo. "You should smell his butt." I just blast the fabreeze around. "You should put on your AC." "What I'll probably do is turn on my box fan. Actually what I'll probably do is just go to bed and hope my room doesn't smell like poo in the morning. If I'm being honest." She laughs and leaves. Orion's curled on the bed. I snuggle in next to him. I audibly hear him fart. I grab my face, it was right in the line of fire.
I found the source of the poo smell.


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