Thursday, May 16, 2013

And he steps up

Today the legs decided with twenty yards to go to my apartment to stop working. "This is a problem dogs," I say, balancing both leases in my hand. Granted I hadn't taken my meds yet so this was partially my fault. "You two need to help get me home ok? This time I WANT you to pull," I say. I zig zagged between their leashes and my functional hips and use their strength to get to the door and we make it. I stare at the stairs to lead up to my apartment. Hum. The dogs have crawled up, Orion paused half way to look at me. I tried the whole arm pull up the handle but two steps in my arms just didn't have it either. Too tired. Pride before fall, I think, and I sit on my butt and bump one step up at a time. Orion comes back down the stairs, he has his harness on. "Hey buddy. I'm just having trouble today. Can you help a little?" I ask. I grab his harness and he steps one step back, I bounce one step back. He steps one back, I bounce one back till we make it to the top. "Thank you Orion," I say. Though he's now off down the hall. His duty was done, kept an eye on me, made sure I was okay and was on to other things. I lean against the wall and patiently work my way to my apartment. Opening the door, I'm happy to find my walker inside right near the entrance and quickly pop it open. I start to wheel towards where I keep my medicine and my legs decide they're done. My arms decide I am just too much today too, so I safely start to collapse myself on my walker and down to the floor. Patience Molly, I think, as I really feel like crying. I look at my legs folded cockeyed. I look at the meds on the top of the microwave. I'm so close. I'm so tired. "Okay, Mol, no rush. Just wait a minute or two then try again." I look around to see if I can knock the pills down with anything. I do and they roll off the counter down to meet me on the floor. Success. Orion is still hanging out by me. I pat his head. I tell him how much I appreciate him. "Orion can I use you again to try and get up?" I ask. He moves around me, and I grab his collar to start the upwards process. "Thanks friend," I say, and he goes on under the table to do better things like shredding apart the paper recycle bin. I don't even mind.

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