Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gone home

The house seems quiet as I walk in the front door. The heat pummels me reminding me of my least favorite of the seasons. Orion strolls over panting.
"I know buddy, but remember it could be like that summer with no AC or fans for that bit and the bed bugs and scabies..."
He walks slowly back to the living room and plunks down.
I look for the grey dog, but then quickly remember Ma took her home. I miss Chloe already. My old friend. Yes, I know she belongs technically to the family but I've had her for sixth months almost and I've become reattached to my old buddy of adolescence. Plus Orion loves her and kisses her face and bounces around her, and gets chased and ordered around. Now it's just us.
Chloe is a natural barometer of my moods and emotions too, positioning herself at the foot of my bed to stand guard while I'm out cold recooping my energy from the day. (Granted 99% Orion lays beside my head too, keeping guard but sometimes when I wake, he drifts, while she stays). I like that about her. She sticks it out when I'm not in my best place to remind me, hey, don't worry. I'm here.
Plus, lets be honest, we can relate a bit more pacing wise now.
"Orion, I miss Chloe."
He looks up from his corner between the couch and the wall.
"Hey buddy, I know you're going to hate this, and I'm going to be sad too because you'll ignore me all night but we still need to clean out your ears..."
And now I sit in bed with no dogs near. Orion hiding somewhere else in the apartment and Chloe up in New Hampshire sleeping beside Ma and Dad's bed on the carpet. Good thing I'll see her Tuesday. Get my dose.

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