Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life like my 14 year-old-dog

Dad: "I'm calling to wake you up."
Me: "Yeah. I've been passed out for about three and a half hours. I'm recuperating from the week in the front yard."
Dad: "Yeah you fell asleep on me while texting the other afternoon."
Me: "Dad, I'm like an old lady."
Dad: "What else is going on?"
Me: "Chloe's sleeping out in the shade and Mags is getting some statistical stuff done for her thesis and sweating."
Dad: "Chloe's out there too?"
Me: "Yeah, Chloe and I are pretty much about the same right now."
He chuckles, "You're right. Well get up and do something."
Me: "I think you missed the whole part of I have no energy. I've thought about getting up for thirty minutes now. Maybe I'll go see if Chloe gets up, then I'll muster it up. I mean if she can and she's fourteen, I might be able to as well."
I get up. Chloe wakes up. We go inside.
I miss my yellow dog who I set out at the farm because I knew he'd want to run in the fields and terrorize other dogs. More energy than I was game for on this day... but I still miss his goofy little cute face. I told Chloe her rest period was going to come to a short end in  about an hour when her brother came home and ran loops around the house. She resumed her sitting position looking out the front door. I resumed my position resting on the couch.
What a team.

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