Saturday, January 11, 2014

Best parts of pop tarts

We're sitting on the couch. It's 6:40 AM. I haven't purchased milk in three days. Breakfasts are getting rough.
Orion is poised perfectly beside me. My leg is tossed up on the movable island. The pop tart wrapper crinkles as I open it.
"These use to be my favorite thing to eat my freshman year of college, did you know that?" I ask. I slide a pop tart out. I start nibbling the edges.
"The edges are my favorite. Would you like to try an edge to see why?" I break off a piece and he gobbles it down.
"What do you think?"
He looks at me expectantly as I eat the jellyed part.
"You're thinking you ought to try the jellied part to be able to compare?" My eyebrows go up as I bob my head in a yes motion for what he must be thinking.
"Well ok," I say, breaking off a jellied and frosted part. "What do you think?" I ask as I pass it to him.
He chews it up.
"I'm thinking you could care less which pieces I give you as long as I keep giving them huh?" I answer for him, and smile.
"You know, I'd rather spend the day with you today, resting on the couch with a good book." I sigh and then just hang for a few more minutes, before kissing his nose and getting up to go to school.

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