Monday, March 17, 2014


The trouble is Facebook. Facebook is stealing the best of Orion stories and making it so Orion's blog is something of a redundancy. But here we are, back at Orion's blog, initially created to record the comings and goings of my first ever puppy that was all my own... while simultaneously getting me back in the writing groove. This is my recommitment to this blog. Facebook can become secondary, starting NOW.

Me in the dark, tucked in bed: "Dear Orion, I recommit to keeping up your blog."
Orion: Silence.
Me: "Aren't you concerned that you've not been fairly documented these past few months?"
Orion: Silence.
Me: "You're awfully cute you know?"
"I'm hungry."
"Fine. I'll just try to go to sleep and I'll eat breakfast in the morning you know why?"
"I'll probably still be hungry then too."
"Goodnight Orion."

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