Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doggie Day Care Monday

I walk in the door and peek around the corner. I am doing a rapid and quick assessment. Labradors are bouncing at my feet. One yellow one is wiggling his way between my legs while a black one is spinning in circles glancing around for something, anything to put in his mouth to carry over to me. I pat black dog. Yellow dog barks in indignation. I pat yellow dog and give him a kiss on his cheek. So far the kitchen is in tack. My glance in the living room reveals two jars of spagetti sauce I know I put in the recycling the night before, one squished empty can of lentil soup (also in the recycling last night) with a half missing label, and lots and lots of dog fur. I stand up straighter.
"Good job boys!!" I praise.
One can never be sure.
The black lab is stealthy at finding his way into my bed no matter what traps I lay as a deterrents. We're talking two chairs, a fan and a sideways walker (folded up). Stumped. A curtain, a card table, fan, two chairs, walker and couch cushion seems to have prevailed this time so my sheets may make it another few nights.
One day I came home to my bike lock on my bed, slightly frayed but overall in tack. Yay bike lock! Labrador teeth couldn't break you!
As I move into the living room I notice they must have had a pillow fight. Lab 1 verses Lab 2. It is unclear who won but the couch certainly lost. The cushion is half on, half off. Blankets are tangled. Pillows tossed.
The dogs have found a toy and are dragging each other this way and that as they now have an audience to watch.
"Yes, hello boys, aren't you too cute?" I say and flip a cushion up to watch as I relax into my afternoon. Doggie day care, Orion Timothy/Oliver Jackson style. All is good.
(picture from Doggie Day Care Weekend Patrol...)

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