Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dog Park

So we went to the dog park for the very first time. I'm thinking this is going to be an amazing way to wear Orion out. He loves dogs. He has endless energy. He can just run all over. We pull up, after looping around the giant park for a better part of a half hour trying to get to the dog park and see a sign for "Wiggly Field". I chuckle, park the car, unhook Orion from his safety harness and walk up to read the rules.

"Dogs on leash at all times unless in the park."
"Pick up after your dog with the provided bags."
"Owners must keep an eye on their dog at all times."
"Owners must have a leash on them."
"Dogs have to be four months or older."

I was waiting to read, "And no running on the pool deck." But alas, no such rule, so onwards we go, disappointed to see not a single dog in sight.

"Well Orion, I guess it's going to be just you and me," I say as I unhook his leash. Like a bullet he goes flying. My eyebrow shot up. I looked, there were no birds, no dogs, nothing to motivate such excitement but he was off, mud flying from his feet, happy as a happy dog could be.


I go trudging after him, and recognize this park has grass but it reminds me more of the sneaky grass that lures you in until it's too late to realize in fact you're not on grass but walking through a bog. Two seconds in my feet are sinking into the mud. Dog comes flying over to say hi. I smile, pat his head and he's off plowing through the mini stream. Once again my yellow dog looks distinctly more like a chocolate lab but I couldn't be more pleased to see him with his butt tucked running to beat the band.

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