Sunday, May 1, 2011


We are sitting in the puppy class. Orion is tearing around the room. We are going on an hour and a half. His best friend is a seven month old Louisiana Catta hula--a dog the trainer brings to help teach the pups proper behavior. Orion has jumped, chewed, thrown himself into this dog. They have tumbled around the pop up tunnel, chased balls, chased each other.

Beside me an English Mastiff named Atlas peacefully sleeps with his head in my lap. He is the same age as Orion. He is the same size as Orion. He has spent half the class in this position.

Orion goes whizzing by. He loops under the black umbrella propped open and is momentarily stuck, carting the umbrella with him at break neck speeds.

The owner of the mastiff looks at me.

"How do you do it? I've never seen a dog with that much energy."

The trainer chuckles, "Orion's a lab."

"Yep, and pretty much I live alone and my dog is my world. If I wanted a life, or had someone else in it, it maybe wouldn't work as well, but for now, I can get up hike him, play with him, and just love spending time with him."

Atlas lifts his head. Flops back down. Orion takes this moment to fly towards my lap.

Back to the sleeping Louisiana Catta hula.

I love my dog.

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