Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tooth Fairy

"Orion, you only have four left. Could you please just let me have that one?" I say pointing at his canine tooth that's wobbling off the edge of his gum line.
"I really just want ONE for my medicine bag."
I try to open his mouth to check out the real estate. The poor pup has two new teeth popping up inside the gum line near his baby canines.
"Dang. That has to hurt."
He chews a little on my fingers.
I wiggle the loose one.
"Maybe I should just pull it out?"
I think for a moment. My eyes squish up. I just can't do it. What if he bleeds? I will be totally grossed out. I might even squeal and have to run out of the house and who knows if I do that if I can keep track of the tooth all the while I'm freaking out.
Not to mention how selfish I'd be to yank out a PUPPIES tooth.
"Okay. I can't do it."
He closes his mouth.
"We'll get down the foam soccer ball and hope for the best."

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