Friday, April 13, 2012


"Honey, I know you want me to pay attention for you but you need to take a nap. I have to get some work done. We'll go for a walk at three."
A big stuffed turtle gets crammed in my lap.
I bend down and kiss the boy's nose.
"I know. I think you're wonderful, but, I have to do some drawing. Can you try to entertain yourself for a bit?"
He huffs off. Grabs a stick. Chews that for awhile. A plastic plate. Rips the tag off his bed. Gathers the bed under in in a bunch. Eats the peanut butter lid.
I look over.
His head has dropped.
Eyes are closed.
Limbs sprawl up against the wall.
He's down for the count.
I smile.

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