Friday, April 20, 2012

Grumble grumble

The lights are out. The fan hums above my head.
"I'm hungry," I say.
Orion looks at me.
"I could go for a nice dinner." I picture mash potatoes, green beans, stuffing... "Too bad I'm not taking care of myself food wise." I think about how I told myself I should eat a veggie a day, how I should take the time to cook, how well I was doing right after I left my parents, how I gave myself permission to spend more on groceries because I ate more and better and just felt better. Then I think about how I lost the motivation, how I open the fridge and wish a normal meal would appear, then grab a piece of Irish soda bread and tell myself I need to grocery shop.
"I could go for a piece of Irish soda bread right now," I say, feeling my stomach grumble in grumpy emptiness.
Orion's still just looking at me.
"I am hungry."
Orion groans.
"You too?"
His ears perk.
"I could go get a piece of Irish soda bread and get you a little pile of kibble along the way, what do you think of that? I mean I did just brush my teeth and we could just sleep and wake up and eat breakfast." I think of cereal. Blah. Do I have any yogurt? Na, but I would have the Irish soda bread...
Orion gets up off the bed.
"Huh. Okay then." I swing my legs out from under the blankets and plod off to the kitchen.

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