Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tame the beast

The long black leash flops along in access over the street lamp lit sidewalk squares. Orion's yellow butt wobbles side to side with happiness. We're night walking he and I. I'm rattling on about this and that.
"I love the way the street lights illuminate sections of the sidewalk."
"Doesn't it just seem artistic?"
"I mean, we could be in a movie of our life right now and it would be good cinematography."
"Or, if we could paint this, you and I, walking along the streets at night."
"Just saying. It's cool. I wish I could photograph our silhouettes too. Check out how awesome my hair shadow is."
"I also like how you always seem so damn happy trotting down the street."
"Hey Orion? I love you. You know, just incase no one told you that today, I'm letting you know."
"Hey Orion? I also think you're pretty damn cute."
"You're lucky too, because you can be a handful sometimes."
"Thanks for being so nice to me yesterday though. I wasn't in my best place."
We walk along. Orion grazes as he does at the last street on the block. Best grass in the neighborhood. An occasional leftover container too.
We cross the street and loop back along the dark side. Orion jolts and takes off. I brace. Ground my legs. Lean back. The leash is flying through my hands. I am waiting for it to reach it's max length. Please don't snap. Please don't snap. I'm watching. A bunny is streaking across a front yard. Orion is hot in pursuit. I'm wielding a tiger on a thread. I start to rotate as he goes flying towards the rabbit. We're making a circle, my back leaning like a water skier. Bunny cuts left, all I'm catching is a fluffy tail. And he's crossed the sidewalk and is attempting to take me across the street with him and the fleeing bunny.
Please don't snap.
I think of my feet.
Your feet are roots.
I weighed Orion today at the petstore. He is officially half my weight now. I went and bought a milkshake.
The leash holds.
I start laughing.
If this were a movie...
If this was a scene from Molly's life...
"Well you sure gave that little bun bun a run for his money huh?"
Orion's panting.
"That was the best ever? I bet it was. It's not every night we chase rabbits."
I laugh.
Collect the excess leash and step forward. Forward towards the street light.

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