Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mountain day

Orion had his first mountain hike. We went to climb Mt. Monadnock (the most frequently climbed mountain in the US) but dogs were not allowed so we down graded to Pack Monadnock near by. Pack Monadnock happened to be all large boulders for a better part of the hike. Orion scampered up them. I did my best to hold on to him, sometimes reminding him to go slower or we'd fall over the cliff. He got a special treat at the top, as did myself, and we settled in for the picture above. It is funny to me to see this one because Orion is usually such a smily dog, I feel like here he is not smiling, but then, he is a dog and his face is probably more like, hey, I'm looking at the camera, what's suppose to happen now???

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