Monday, October 15, 2012

Snake snake snake?

Disclaimer: I've had a whole cup of coffee.

Orion has been enjoying the fall. Or maybe he's been enjoying the added company in his world. There's my dad, who I think secretly appreciates having another male in the house, even if he's a dog--and also the fact Orion is a buddy, ie. likes to just be around you--most of our other dogs just hang around mum.
There's Mum, who gives him treats and admonishes him like a true Nana, and laughs at his antics, gives him pats on the head.
There's Chloe, who acts like she wants to eat him, but wiggles her tail and chases him about and hangs with him on the porch.
Then, there's me, the constant in his world, so he looks to me and checks in on me and hangs with me.
So out we go, Dad and I, to collect some boxes from our friend's Don and Cindy's house. They live out in the country in this beautiful old tavern nestled in some fall leaves, an old cemetery on a ridge, and a horse field on the side. I could totally live there. That being said, we let Orion sprint around the yard and he was thrilled. I was too, right until he ducked his head under the horse field fence and sprinted in to the horse field. The three horses were fortunately far on the other side and not moving, so Orion sprinted around there, me hollering to "COME HERE ORION! COME ON!" Setting down my camera to get ready to hop the fence and he came flying back under. Dad's standing by the garage laughing... 
Then off we go up the street to hike across the dam and Orion was able to have his first experience with...

He was facinated. He didn't quite know what to do. His head darted left and right to watch the snake and I told Dad to hold him long enough to snap the pic. No clue what kind of snake but I thought it was cute none-the-less.

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