Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I opened the door from work and smile down at my yellow dog's happy face. I set my bags on the floor from the first job and assess the room--I kept Orion and Chloe in the kitchen to try to cut down on the elements of destruction.
"Got bored of the order in the recycle bin Orion?" I ask as I look at the newly arranged box, cardboard on the floor papers thrown about. Not too bad.
I step into the kitchen.
Where's Chloe?
"Orion what did you do with Chloe?"
He trots behind me, and we move into the bathroom where Chloe has taken refuge on the one cloth component in the kitchen--the bathmat.
"Hi Old Friend, did you get sick of the who-rah's of the young one and decide to designate the bathroom as your territory?"
She wiggles her tail and starts to get up to greet me.

I return from the second job and open the door, wondering how round two will go.
My backpack is on the floor, the blanket pulled out of it.
The floor is visibly wet.
I'm curious.
Beer glass bottles from the recycling bin are tossed about.
I move closer--those should have been empty.
The can of Ginger Ale that very much was NOT empty until a little yellow dog opted for a drink and opted to quench his thirst by piercing the can.
Well, at least I took the iPad out of the bag before I left.

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