Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Chloe's nose pops up over the rim of the claw foot tub.
"Chloe, it's not going to happen," I say as I eat my piece of pizza while soaking in the tub. Orion's crazily tossing his plastic dice around in the other room so he can capture the bits of kibble that filter out of the hole in the center--my temporary safety net for the household whilst I'm slightly at a disadvantage.
Her ears perk.
"You're never snooping in the bathroom; I know you're just after the pizza."
She nudges the shower curtain.
I am getting sick of this thick dough.
Her little eyes sparkle.
The cute little white dot on the tip of her nose says, "but I'm so cute..."
I hand her the last bite.
"I'm still going to have to treat your tail you know," I say to excuse my temporary softness.
Eventually I climb out of the tub when the little yellow dogs whining implies Orion has finished his dinner and could I please move the chair that blocked the kitchen off so Chloe wouldn't eat my dinner?
I slowly creep up next to Chloe who has positioned herself as usual in front of the fridgerator, bacitracin in hand, and I pet her head while scooping up her half balding tail.
"Here honey, this will help that little cut heal. You and I both are a little banged up this week," I say, brushing the remaining fur over the little bald tip.
"Now don't go licking it off."
I notice Orion is no where near Chloe and I. His head is low, as if he's peeking but hopes I don't see him in the other room.
"Chicken are we?"
I stand up and move towards him.
"I just need to check your ears." I snag his collar and peek inside each ear before patting his head and releasing my grip.
"All clear. No need for cleaning tonight. Not so bad, eh?"
He slinks into his crate and refuses to participate with Chloe and I for the rest of the evening.

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