Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chill people Just chill

I've spent a lot of time recently just petting the dogs. Rumor is petting a dog can reduce stress. I'm all for reducing stress. I'll just sit there and pet, pet, pet until one or both get sick of it and wander off.

Yesterday as I was getting everyone ready for the drive north, I put some of Orion's Rescue Remedy (a natural anti-anxiety for pets) on a treat and gave it to him.
"Okay Orion, this is so you can chill out on the car ride," I say, dropping the fourth drop on the treat.
"I need some of this for humans..." I mutter.
We load up and off we go.

Today in the Natural Food Store:
"Hi I was wondering if you had any vitamins for stress reduction/anti-anxiety?" I ask the sales lady.
"Actually yes, we have two. This one is for more immediate affects," she says turning to point behind her.
I start laughing.
She looks puzzled.
"I'm sorry, I was JUST telling my dog I needed some of his Rescue Remedy for humans, and they actually MAKE it for humans."
"Oh, I'm sure there's a slight difference."
I'm still smiling.
"Oh, I'm fine even if it doesn't. I'll totally try it."
And off I roll to put my four drops in water and resume my position on the front lawn with the sun pouring down on me, and Chloe at my head. Pet, pet, pet...

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