Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pet Insurance

I crouch down next to where Orion is sleeping. I pat his head.
"Well, that makes me feel better," I say, having just hung up from purchasing Orion emergency pet insurance. "Now I don't have to always to be threatening you that you're life is only valued at how much my Apple stock is worth. I can breathe a little easier. Now that doesn't mean you should go out and get into any trouble... though your friend Scout gets into her fair share so by proxy I suspect you will too..."
Orion lazily lifts his head.
"Then maybe I won't have those bad dreams about you getting injured too. $250 deductible is manageable. I can't imagine what I'd do in Cherry & AJ's case this past year. Savings is not my strong point with all these job switches, moves etc. But I'm working on it."
He flops his head back down. He's done with our conversation. I stand up myself and move back to my desk.

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