Monday, April 15, 2013

Is it possible?

I turn the key in the door and slowly open it wondering what the inside will look like post Orion...
Is this possible? It looks exactly as I left.
I push the door wider.
I'm greeted by Chloe. Slowly Orion loops around the corner.
"Hey yellow dog are you feeling okay?" I ask. Usually I get wiggles, licks and an outburst of energy. I wonder briefly if that plastic bag he ate in full (stolen from the pocket of a woman at the dog park) is finally working its way out in a way less appealing to his gut...
We go for our walk and I find the top of the bag has made it through--yeah for ziplock bags...
Inside he settles into the evening.
Is this my dog?
I kiss his pink nose and toss the ball a bit and he peacefully settles into Grandpa's old chair.
Okay then.
I guess after a day with my aging grandparents he wanted to show me how it might be with him too.
I will take it for today and I turn back tot helmeted writing on my desk.

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