Thursday, April 4, 2013

Morning Make up

I sit and watch as Orion weaves in and out of my legs. We had a rough evening yesterday. I may have sat him down and had a talk. "Orion, I understand you're upset and bored. Orion. Look at me. I'm doing the best I can. And I still love you even though you destroyed the kitchen AND ate my shortbread..." One could say it was a fight. He spent some time in his crate and I was still slightly disgruntled with him even in the morning. I'm Irish. What can I say?
Regardless, there I sat, brushing my teeth on the edge of the tub and thinking how much I enjoy that even though we were fighting, he still wants to hang out with me. Still travels room to room with me. Still watches patiently while I do my hair. Sticks his nose in the shower to check on me.
I look at his nose. The pink nose. The winter nose.
"Orion, your pink nose is just like my freckles. They come and go with the seasons."
He looks up at me.
I study the tiny intricate furs that make up his snout, pausing in my teeth scrubbing. I could study his face for hours.
"Today I wish I could actually stay home with you and just look at your face," I say, standing up. But instead I toss the cup of peanut butter in the crate with him and remind him to be ready for play time in the evening.
"Be a good boy Orion," I say. "Stay out of trouble. I love you," I say the familiar phrase tugging the door behind me. "You too, Chloe."

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