Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dog Swap

Recently I was gone for a week stay in a hospital (long story not worth repeating, also for once, not involving the dog). While gone my friends AJ and Cherry took care of my dogs, taking them for walks, letting them out etc. AJ bought a new harness for Orion, convinced it would work.
Me: "I don't know AJ, I have tried different ones in the past and he has near to killed me."
AJ: "This one will work."
And so I pass off the money for it trusting AJ the dog whisperer and then take up my hospital residency. (AJ hung out with me for a day and told me she was working on Orion.)
When I return home, I am not allowed to walk the dogs at first due to me walking myself with the support of a walker, but I see Orion has a new shiny harness. His choke chain and prong collar have been removed.
"Mom, have you walked him on that?" I asked astonished. (My mom flew in from the Republic of Georgia to be sure I was ok)
"Oh sure. He is great on it."
Skeptical I watch him loop in and out of the house. I work on walking on my own and before long I'm ready to try to go for a walk with the dogs.
"Can I take Chloe?" I ask, knowing she won't pull and overall she will be easier.
"Nope, you might as well take Orion while I'm here with you," Mom says.
I take Orion's leash and we start walking.
Orion walks beside me.
I look at Mom.
I keep walking.
He is still beside me.
We return to the house and he flops down for a nap.
"Mom, I don't know but between you and AJ, I don't know what happened to my yellow dog..."

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