Thursday, February 17, 2011


So it is Orion and my first week anniversary, so I only thought it appropriate if I accounted for all the things I have learned about my new best friend throughout our week of bonding:

1. Two hours is a perfectly suitable amount of time to sleep before one needs to pee again.

2. If you bring a friend over for an hour, and he's nervous, he'll pee 10 times, no matter what, no matter if you take him out 6 times in that hour. He will pee straight water. Not in his litter box or pee pad.

3. He plays for twenty minutes then passes out for an hour an a half.

4. Don't let him sleep beside you or you'll discover you're missing half your face from little doggie chew marks.

5. He is pricelessly adorable when he falls asleep and curls in your lap.

6. Despite it saying dogs learn sit at four months, he has it down now. Yeah for a bright dog.

7. Forget ever seeing your toes again. It doesn't matter if they are your favorite feature, they will disappear, or be eaten off.

8. I do not need to hire a cleaning service for the bathroom. He'll lick everything clean, including, yeah that's right, the toilet.

9. Puppy breath is appreciated by many people, so don't let it slip you think it smells gross.

10. Just having him with me makes me beam with happiness.

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