Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second Week Anniversary

As is due, it is Orion and my second week anniversary. I told him this as I peeled off our present--two new mattresses (well a box spring and mattress). Orion, feeling the need to join in celebrating, christened the one sheet set I had with a little pizzle. Ah well, I never did like sleeping with that top sheet anyways.

So, in due accord, the following lists what I have learned about my four legged friend:

1. While playing with other dogs, his defense, is a back roll, tummy up and kick, kick, kick.

2. Puppy breath smells distinctly like Tuna, or it could've been that I discovered he likes tuna... not peanut butter, but tuna.

3. He has two blazes of white behind his shoulder blades.

4. Orion likes his tummy scratched.

5. Despite only being just shy of two months, he can sit, stay (50%), come, and down (80%). Yeah for accomplishing that of a six month old. (He's added to his repertoire since last week)

6. He enjoys sleeping in a cove created by a blanket hanging down from a bed. Little tiny spaces that are dark. (In between the collapsed seat in the back of my car)

7. He has grown.

8. Having him around makes everything else seem very irrelevant. I love that I get to spend the rest of his life with him.

9. I can hear him wail OUTSIDE of my apartment when I leave.

10. His snuggling is shifting away slightly as he gets to be a grown up pup and I miss it.

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