Monday, February 28, 2011


"Did you know it's your second month birthday?" I ask him, as I pull a pan of brownies out of the oven for my leap year friend's birthday too. He trots over to me, sits politely and hears, "Did you know this whole pan of brownies is for you?"
"I think you should get a hot dog," I say, moving the pan to the counter to cool.
I peer over at him and I swear he nods.
"So when I have the girls blow out the candles, you can have a big hunk of hot dog, just because."
"Erruppp," he replies with his front paws lifting in enthusiasm at this brilliant idea.
"And then, we'll teach you about whip cream. I bought a can, and it's about time you learned that delight."
He winks at me as if all along he was in on this plan.
"Did you just wink at me?"
He does it again, different eye.
"Huh. That's not on your puppy growing chart, but I'd say that's pretty sophisticated for an eight-week-old. It's because you want to impress me on your two month birthday growth isn't it?"
He decides he's done talking with me, and struts off to scour around his bowl for the magic kibble to appear.

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