Monday, June 20, 2011

Morning motivation

"So what? You're telling me you want me up?" I say as I feel breathing in my ear. I roll over. A wet nose buries into my neck. I feel teeth seeking skin.
"You hit that artery and no one is going to know. We'll both be done. No food for you."
I push his persistent head away, even with blurry eyes I can't help but smile at his adorable face.
"What ungodly hour is it this time?" I dig for my cell phone, pulling on the cord like a fishing line till the trusted clock lights up the room with six am flashing across the LCD.
"Reasonable. Couldn't wait for that six-thirty though huh?" He starts nibbling my arm. "Orion, those ones are beginning to hurt. Come on. Let's get up."
I push him off me and toss my legs over the edge of the bed, reaching simultaneously for my glasses that hang looped onto the lamp that hovers unplugged by my bed.
I notice I have my excercise pants on--having fallen asleep in them, and momentarily feel motivated.
"You want to go for a run Orion?" I go digging for my sneakers, find a sports bra, pull the matching work out shirt over my head and off we go.
"Ready?" I ask, standing at the foot of the stairs. Orion starts to bounce. Ready to him means we're going to sprint. "Okay!" We take off. I try to adjust to a jog. Any "Waits"/"Sits" by street crossings get tossed out the window and we're trucking across streets, dodging birds, flying through the neighborhood. One block in, it occurs to me I am nuts, but there's Orion, ears tucked back, trotting along, turning to jump flaying wildly to get the leash in his mouth before returning to a trot and I chuckle, one foot in front of the other.

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