Monday, June 20, 2011


I pour the remaining knock off Cinamon Toast Crunch in a bowl. Orion's eating his food and pauses to check out it the buffet is better at the counter, rather than in his bowl.
"Dream on Orion, this is the last of my cereal and I haven't had coffee yet."
I put the cereal on the table and turn to fill my coffee mug. I reach for the cream and am disappointed to find it on the last cup too. Sighing, thinking about having to afford grocheries, I suddenly am distracted by a shoveling sound.
"ORION!!! NOOOO!" I shout, as my dog has his front paws up on the table and is hoovering down my cereal. I ditch the coffee fixings and snatch the bowl, knocking him down on the way.
"Errr!" I dump the remaining cereal in the garbage. My mom's voice echoes in my head, "Dogs aren't bad dogs, they're just opportunists when they snatch your food." I flip open the cabinets, searching for a muffin mix for breakfast and quickly throw together some cornmeal muffins.
At the table, I sit sipping my coffee, watching the time so the muffins won't burn. I'm casually tossing the ball to Orion. As the time approaches for the muffins I get up, walking over, giving him a nudge away from the oven. "Hot."
I pull out the muffins, and hear, "SLURP!"
I turn.
He is licking up my coffee.
I cart him off to his crate.
I sit. I look at the coffee left in the bottom of the cup.
Screw it.
I tip it back and take a swig.
And another.
And another.
Then I let him out of his crate.
"Orion. Please try harder next time to not eat my breakfast. And really, if you just can't help that, just don't drink my coffee."

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