Saturday, June 25, 2011

Night time

I'm lying in bed. I've been here for ten minutes. I'm only lying here because I realized it was something I ought to do. I just finished sword fighting Orion with a paper towel tube, chased some cats with him in the night, and trained him, danced with him, scratched him and on and on.
"Oh," I say, recognizing the night is wearing on, "We should probably go to bed."
So in bed I am though Orion noteably is not ready for rest. He's still pulling at my sheets, perhaps to make him a spot?
"Okay Orion, thank you."
He bounds off the bed. Moments later I hear a crash out in the front hall. BAM! I feel him leap on my back. I tense momentarily, having a knee that is bruised and beat up from a practice "sprint" that ended in me on the pavement when a small yellow friend cut in front of me.
"What do you have?" I ask, propping myself up in the dark and making a quick grab for his collar.
"Orion, where do you find these???" I say pulling yet another hair clip from his mouth.
Disappointed, he leaps down from the bed and starts chewing on my laundry basket.
He pauses.
"Keep it down!"
He goes right on chewing. I debate.
How much do I really care if my laundry basket gets chewed on? Should I not encourage this? Could I plead ignorance and pretend I was asleep? The gnawing continues. Already I was aware one handle was broken from a drunk friend doing a handstand and falling on it. I could just tape up whatever he's destroying. I did just buy a new roll of packaging tape.
I get up, pick up the laundry basket, shaking the yellow dog out of it, and place it on the other side of the baby gate.
"Could you find something less noisy to destroy?"
I crawl back into bed.
I hear him attack the broom. Before I know it I have broom bristles poking me in the head.
I laugh.
"Okay, the broom is fine."
He lugs it up on the bed. I go to sleep with it teeter tottering on my back.

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