Friday, June 17, 2011

Neighbor #2

"Boy she's pretty rowdy in there," I look up as I'm juggling my purse, sweatshirt and bags. My neighbor stands smoking his cigerrette, tatoos showing on his bare chest, jeans clinging to his hips. Does he ever where a shirt, I wonder. "He's a boy and he wants to get out of the car," I say, opening the door so Orion's vocals can now extend to the neighborhood.
"Aw, Coco's a girl so I call them all girls."
"Okay," I say, continuing on the process of now gathering up my 45 pound dog so he can get to the ground, all the while trying to unhook his seatbelt contraption.
"What's his name again?"
Orion is on the ground, happily shaking off, bags are scooped back up, I circle around the car. "Orion."
"Like the nebula?"
My face brightens. "Yeah, you're the first one that's gotten it right!"
Orion and I start walking up the mini hill to our side of the apartment building.
"Hey, can I show you something?" the guy asks.
I pause.
"Well because you like art, I have some art I'd like you to see," he continues.
"Well I have Orion."
"He can come just let me get Coco put away first."
So I begin trailing him to his apartment.
Inside I am instantly surprised by the number of things that pack the small space. Perhaps because I am broke and do not have lots of furniture my space seems starkly vacant in comparison.
"See my space paintings? They're all done in spray paint. You should see these guys do them. Takes em' about 5 minutes each and you can get them for $15 bucks for one or 2 for $25 at the Covington Art Festival."
"Hum.. no kidding," I say, as I glance around at the 8 different paintings of Jupitar, gallaxies ect. ect.
"And who made that one?" I ask pointing to a landscape oil.
"Oh that was my mom."
"And the other two?"
"My brothers." He turns to the back wall where there's a giant four foot by three foot blue painting. "Do you know what this one is?"
I look and I have a distinct idea but choose not to say so.
"No, what is it?"
"Just imagine lying on a bed, staring up at a woman's pussy. See the legs here...."
Internally, I shake my head.
"My brother was a bit of a pervert."
"I see." I'm quiet. "Well thanks for sharing." Orion and I work our way home.

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