Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Tonight Orion and I are having an art overnight party. He may not realize this yet, but it's always much better to stay up all night making art with someone as company. In high school I had my buddies, Andrew & Joachim; in college, there was always someone in the studio with me; grad school? Well my roommate slept while I worked so I felt she was at least there... and then well, then I didn't really make art for awhile so here we are... I polled my friends in my brain--who would want to stay up till like 2 making art? Or watching me make art? Yeah. I got zero. So Orion's enlisted. I gave him a bone for signing up. He seems sold. He's currently chewing away with happy abandon at the bottom of my bed as I move my art studio to the kitchen (more counter space).

This morning he did show up in the kitchen with a tube of brown acrylic paint. "How nice Orion. I guess the gate's not up?" And then BOLT. His favorite game. What he doesn't know is I weigh more and so far have longer legs. Bring it fur-ball. I snagged his hips. Works every time. That or chase him to the living room because he picks up speed and can't stop on the wood floor and inevitably ends up sliding like a baseball player to second and I pounce. I have to admit, the one time he slid into the coffee table which then caused the box fan to fall (it was on top of the table) which then caused the table to move closer to the window which knocked a book to the floor, the whole commotion causing such a racket the boy was startled further and still couldn't get traction.

So, art night it is. I'll post outcomes later.

Orion said he would show what he creates as well.

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